Monday, December 1, 2008

The Cash League Final

Spanning over four months, this cash league was always going to be big. Troy, Sam and all the rest hads 500+ hours for a monster stack, but the average stack was 10k which left plnty of play left plenty.
I however was below average, 6,750. But I was happy that the combination of large stacks and the fact that the field was hold'em deep I could get the required double ups in omaha, I just had to wait.
It didn't take long, broadway on a non-pair or flush board. Paid off.
Top house (quad blocker), paid off in two spots.
Quads, paid off in two spots. Every hand I get paid off in was in omaha. At the second break I have 66k. Well up the top.

Then it ends. No good no more.
A run of great hands, I raise, called. I miss. Everytime. Everything I have misses and I go down to 25k.
I pick up AAKJ double suited. I raise. Called. Flop is K high. I bet, the guys shoves. Its 9k into 30k. I call. He has a lone K. No straight or flush draw. Turn is a king, no change. River is a 4, which fills him up. Down to 10k.
Ninja shortie mood, steal blinds, push double up. Average stack, 19 players left. Finally we make it to last two tables. I've 70k (average).
I make top set in omaha, pot the flop and fold when the flush card hits.
Next hand, I get it in with Norman (who blew a huge stack), I raise the button with A 10 hearts. Norman pushes from the BB, its not much more I call. He has 67 hearts. 7 hits, I miss. Few more rounds, I get it back up, and norman has lost his lead again. I push with J10, he calls with 8 5. I flop a pair, turn two pair, but the river straights the board. Next hold'em round. I raise from mid-position with 66. And agsin its norman who calls, I'm begining to think its me. None of these raises had him priced in. Any way, the board is 2 3 5, I push, he has 2 4. Wtf, its defo me. I show my 66, and he calls for a 4. "Two pair no good, its the gutterball"
The 4 hits making my straight. I finally win a all-in spot. When I'm up against 2 outs.
Four limpers into my BB, I have AAJ9. I pot to 16k, one caller.
Flop is 449. I pot it for 36k. Called again. The player has 16k behind into 108k.
Turn a K. 16k in, Called. She has KKxx. No straight or flush. Yes, that was a 2 outer for almost the chiplead.
It's not about winning races, its about winning when you are miles ahead.
I run bad, and take €1000.


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